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My ESO meme game is strong.

Had some fun today making this gif with one of the new Elder Scrolls Online mementos available on the Crown Store, the Prismatic Banner Ribbon. Seeing this meme circulate makes me quite nostalgic of...


WildStar: Chua Dance Session

Took some time to dance in front of this unsuspecting AFK player. The result ended up being something far funnier than expected… I think 😉 Song is “Sing” by Ed Sheeran.


Final Fantasy vintage-style posters

One of my buddies sent me over a link to this imgur album. It lists some pretty amazing artwork showcasing various Final Fantasy games in a beautiful vintage-style presentation. Enjoy! Update: Here’s the author’s...


Hot Pepper Game Reviews

Video game reviews typically aren’t my cup of tea; However, the guys and gals over at Hot Pepper Game Reviews make their reviews simply hilarious. They follow a pretty simple process for each of...


FFXIV: Character Creation Session

I had some spare time tonight and the character creation tool became available yesterday, so I thought I’d site down and knock out some sample characters. The creation tool was a very pleasant experience,...


SWTOR: Tauntaun Fawn Pet Giveaway!

Thanks to Mr. David Bass, I’ve got 10x promo codes to give away for the Tauntaun Fawn in-game pet. Now, since I’ve only got 10x to give away – let’s make this interesting. The...