Hey there – so you’ve found my site and you’re wondering who the heck is Accomp? Well, I’m a 30-something year old gamer, UI Engineering Manager, and Writer, living in Charlotte, NC. I’m a passionate theorycrafter, a usability evangelist, and a thinker. My mission with this site is to bring useful information to gamers across the world – helping gamers improve. Whether it’s answering a simple question, writing an in-depth guide for an encounter, or posting videos of games, I’m here to help out!

Gaming Experience

So, I’ve played a lot of stuff over the years under nearly every genre. I’ve tried nearly every AAA MMO on (and off) the market Previously, I had a running list of the games I’d invested a bunch of time into – but honestly, it got too much to keep up with. If you’d like my feedback on any games, please feel free to reach out and request a new topic!

Want to play?

Please feel free to add me and I’d be more than happy to chat and play some with you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!